HMView is a full off-line HTML document viewer

It is very useful for authors of HTML documents who wish to distribute their pages on diskette or any other off-line medium, and likewise for CD-ROM publishers and publishing houses who require distributing information in digital format. This software is designed for distributing electronic documents under Windows environment using the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) format employed in Internet.

To create these you can employ any of the many shareware and freeware HTML editors available on the market, or one of the existing templates for Word for Windows, which allows exporting text in HTML format. HMView supports supports most of the HTML 3.0 specs. It is not prepared for communications through Internet but for off-line document browsing. You can play WAV, MIDI and AVI files with HMView.The registered user can distribute HMView (it's royalty free!) and the HTML pages to be viewer, using just one single diskette.



HMView 4.04